Less Is More!

The most common phrase after “Think out of the box”, is perhaps Less Is More. It is generally used in almost every sphere of life, not specific to merely design and there is a pretty good reason why.

Rome was not built in one day and neither was minimalism brought into practice in a quick time. Not that there was any problem with the earlier design movements. But the fact that the ornate designs had gotten so overwhelming that the focus was lost from the main object. Which is contradictory to the design principle. Bauhaus, De Stijl, Modernism and Minimalism, all collaborated and gave us the beautiful, simple, elegant designs that we have all around us today. From print designs to packaging, from architecture to furniture designs, from industrial design to entertainment design, everything around is inspired by the minimalism movement.

Design is a visual story. It is the means to communicate intricate and complex information  to the world in an interesting and simple style. The beauty of design is that it is literally all around us. From our bread packaging to our toothbrush’s ergonomic design. Every waking hour, we experience design all around us. It is a lifestyle.The idea of minimalism goes way beyond just design.  Today’s generation is getting more and more aware of the importance of less clutter.It is an era of high pressure jobs, short deadlines and even shorter tempers, neglected relationships and guilty consciouses. When we have so much going on around us, it helps immensely to declutter our lives, prioritise and focus on what is important, in order to succeed. When the extras go out the window, that is when we are able to pay attention to what matters most.

I personally feel that in order to abide by the less is more principle, one needs to bring creativity into play even more. Every limitation increases the challenge. In order to come up with a technique to declutter, one needs to analyse the elements present. Take a step back and decide if that is needed. This goes for both design as well as life. It helps to see things in retrospect.


Art nouveau design
Less is more creative
Art nouveau based clock design
Minimal watch design




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